Message to our Dear Guests on the on-going procedures for


Message to our Dear Guests on the on-going procedures for Covid-19

Parisii Luxury Relais Rome’s priorities are the wellbeing and the security of its Guests, even more in this difficult period of time tied to the on-going global pandemic.

Our objective is to ensure you have an unforgettable vacation in Rome and, at the same time, preserving your health.

We invite you to read our Covid-19 procedures, in compliance with the existing Italian regulations. We are at your disposal for any and every question at or at the number +39 06 88796586

Thank you for your trust and waiting to meet you again in Rome.

Parisii Luxury Relais Staff

At the Front Office and in other common areas, safe social distancing of at least one meter is always mandatory.
A 60 to 85% alcohol-based hand sanitizer gel will be available to guests at the Front Desk. In their own rooms, guests will find the same gel plus face masks.

The Front Office, Breakfast and Cleaning service Staff will keep a safe social distance of at least one meter from colleagues and guests and will be provided with personal protective equipment such as:

– Gloves (if necessary).

– Mask (to wear in case social distancing rules cannot be enforced).

Guests will be required to wear masks in the common areas only when it is not possible to maintain the safety distance of one meter.

To reduce the time spent in the common area, we will request all of our guests to send their Identity documents before their arrival.
Alternatively, at the check-in we will request the documents and will give them back in your room after the registration process.

Upon arrival all guests will have their temperature measured and will be informed about in-room and common areas cleaning and sanitization procedures.

The room keys will be cleaned and sanitized with alcohol before every check-in.
Guests may request that the room not be cleaned during their stay.

Every item provided by Parisii Luxury Relais Rome to its guests will be sanitized before and after its use.
The Relais Staff will have, at all times, a list of emergency numbers on hand: 112, doctor-on-call, nearest hospital and nearest pharmacies.

Sanitization will be carried out with a sodium hypochlorite solution diluted to 0.1% or with 70% ethyl alcohol.

The room will first be cleaned and then all surfaces will be sanitized with particular care for the objects and items the guests are more likely to touch (telephones, remote controls, pens, handles, bathroom faucets, shower mixers, etc.)

The cleaning staff will be equipped with individual protection gears necessary for carrying out the work entrusted to them:

– Gloves

– Masks

– Hair caps (only when needed)

– Footwear suitable for sanitization (if necessary)

The simultaneous presence of several members of the staff in the same guest room will be avoided.

During the housekeeping of the room, the guests must not be inside the room.

Common Areas Housekeeping
The common areas will be continuously aerated and all fabric furnishings will be periodically sanitized.

All washable surfaces such as tables, chairs, handles, elevator push-button panels, reception and concierge desks, guest entrance and exit door, will be disinfected several times a day.

A sanification of the entire premises was done, including the cleaning and sanification of the air conditioned implants, in common areas and all the rooms.

Housekeeping Room Service

Before entering the room, the staff will wear the appropriate personal protective equipment.

The room will be aerated by opening the windows before undertaking the subsequent cleaning operations.

Before use, disposable cloths or cleaning material are treated with a 2% sodium hypochlorite solution for 10 minutes or with another equally effective treatment.

Maintenance operations will be performed, if possible, when the room is not occupied and always before cleaning and sanitizing.

The vents and ventilation grills will be cleaned with clean microfiber cloths moistened with soap and water or with 75% ethyl alcohol and then dried.

Particular care will be applied when cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces the guests are more likely to touch: bed tables, desk, amenities, telephones, remote controls, pens, handles and push-button panels, closets and drawers, etc.

Dirty laundry will be stored in a closed container which will be kept separate from the clean laundry trolley to prevent the two from coming into contact.

The waste in the room will be thrown into a basket fitted with a plastic bag that will be closed tightly.

The floors will be cleaned and sanitized with products suitable for the different types of materials.

The use of carpets, runners, decorative cushions and other furnishings that do not undergo daily cleaning cycles will be avoided.

Coffee machines and kettles will be cleaned and sanitized daily.


The room will be aerated by opening the windows, before undertaking the next cleaning operations.

All the bed and bath linens will be changed.

The waste in the room will be thrown into a basket fitted with a plastic bag that will be closed tightly.

All bathroom amenities will be removed, including shampoo, foam bath, body milk and toilet paper, even if not used.

The bathroom will be cleaned with disinfectant and specific products for each surface.

All surfaces, both vertical and horizontal, will be sanitized, including accessories such as hair dryers, etc.

Inside the room particular care will be applied to the cleaning of telephones and remote controls, push-button panels and a/c displays, safe door and relative push-button panel, drawer’s opening knobs, window handles, and more generally bed backs, bedside tables, desk, chairs and in particular the armrests.

The parquet will be vacuumed and subsequently washed with disinfectants.

Room Service – Minibar

All sealed bags, boxes and jars (chips, nuts, chocolate etc.) in the minibar area will be cleaned.

The minibar will be carefully cleaned and sanitized both internally and externally.

All the glasses, cutlery and cups in the room will be replaced.

Stay-over rooms

Stay-over rooms will be cleaned with the same procedure followed for the rooms upon departure, except for the removal of clean bath linens and unused or partially used amenities.

Every surface will be disinfected trying to avoid touching and/or moving the guests’ properties.

Daily cleaning will be done following the hotel standards using detergents suitable for the different types of material treated, in compliance with the instructions for use provided by the manufacturers.

Sanitization will be carried out with a sodium hypochlorite solution diluted to 0.1% or with 70% ethyl alcohol for surfaces that can be damaged by sodium hypochlorite, in compliance with the instructions for use provided by the manufacturers.

Cloakroom service and the use of hangers will not be allowed.

Customers will have to wear a mask whenever they are not sitting at the table (e.g. to go to the bathroom or to the cashier).

Tables and Breakfast Organization

Seating arrangement at the tables will be so that tablemates are at least one meter apart from each other, except in case of families or people sharing the same room.

Between tables the distance must be of at least one meter.

The restaurant and bar staff will wear a mask and will have to wash and sanitize their hands with alcoholic gel frequently.

Tablecloths will be replaced after each service.

If the tablecloth is not present, the table will be cleaned thoroughly after each service.


Food serving will be provided by the staff, either at the table or breakfast/lunch box.

The items used for service (bread basket, seasoning products, sugar bowl) will not be reused for other guests without an adequate sanitization.

The use of single portions will be privileged.

Breakfast will be served a la carte via room service or in the breakfast room, where safety distance will be respected.

Washing of dishes, tableware and table linen

All dishes, cutlery and glasses, including unused items, will be washed and disinfected in the dishwasher.

In the event dishwashing is not possible, the items will be hand-washed, disinfected, rinsed and dried with disposable paper.

Room Service

The food to be administered through room service will be transferred in containers closed or equipped with a lid.

Cutlery, plates, cloches, salt and pepper shakers, oil bottles, trolleys and all the serving material will be carefully sanitized before use.

The staff will wear gloves and a mask and will take utmost care to protect food from accidental contamination during the journey.

The trolley can be brought into the room or left outside, depending on the guests’ preference.

Food Preparation

The staff in charge of food preparation will be competent in food hygiene training, in accordance with current legislation.

The staff will wear masks and gloves that will be changed frequently (according to the frequency indicated by the manufacturer).

Gloves will be changed after carrying out activities not related to food, such as opening / closing of cells, entry and exit doors of the kitchen premises and emptying of the containers.

At each change of gloves, it will be necessary to wash hands with soap and warm water. Only after a thorough handwashing, disinfectant gels can be used.

All surfaces and utensils in contact with food will be washed and sanitized frequently.

Our Staff is trained and ready to manage an eventual symptomatic case in the Relais.


Privacy disclaimer Dear Customer, we inform you that the data you provide will be electronically processed in compliance with the principles established by current legislation on data protection (EU Regulation No. 679 of 2016 - Italian Act 196/2003 as last amended by decree nr 101/2018) for the sole purpose of providing the requested information, and possibly to define / confirm the booking of rooms and other services. The complete privacy statement on the methods and purposes of the processing is accessible by clicking the left mouse button.


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